Presenter: Dr. Safeeya Mohammed

Motivated by the overwhelming burdens of ill health, escalating non-communicable diseases and unwellness in the Caribbean, Dr. Mohammed founded SISU Global Wellness, an Organizational Consultancy aligned to United Nations SDG 3. Since inception, SISU Global Wellness has provided transformational training to a slew of organizations, namely, the United Nations Development Programme, the Caribbean Development Bank, and several small and micro enterprises.

This ‘Agent for Change’, a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, started her academic career as a graduate of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI in 2004. She was also recognized as one of the 50 distinguished Alumni at UWI’s 50th Jubilee Celebration in 2011, the youngest female doctor among her graduating peers, selected for her work in human capacity development and compassionate care in heightened trauma areas.

Check out her presentation below!